There are two ways to volunteer at Rithet's Bog. You can choose one or both.

  1. The first is to do onsite ecological restoration as part of the Saanich Pulling Together Volunteer Program.
  2. The second is to become a member of the Rithet's Bog Conservation Society and participate in our other activities.

The Saanich Pulling Together Program

Restoration work at Rithet’s Bog is done as part of the Saanich Pulling Together Volunteer Program, which is a program set up by Saanich Municipality to support volunteer ecological restoration work in Saanich natural area parks. Our society works closely with this program, but the actual work in the park falls under the jurisdiction of the Pulling Together program. You do not have to become a member of our society to participate in Pulling Together activities.

This restoration work mostly involves invasive species removal, which is very similar to garden weeding and pruning. It does not require special knowledge or skills. Anyone who can do basic gardening can make a meaningful contribution.

We provide onsite training as necessary. We also provide tools and gloves, but you are welcome to bring a favorite pair of gloves, pruners or loppers. Please wear clothes and footwear suitable for the weather and outdoor work and bring adequate drinking water. Volunteering is open to people of all ages and abilities, however parental supervision is required for volunteers under 16 years of age.

Interested? There are three ways for you to participate in the Pulling Together program:

1. Drop In Volunteer

This option does not require regular attendance, just come whenever you are available. You do not need to register in advance but must sign a Saanich waiver provided on site at your first work party and are expected to follow on site instructions. Experienced volunteers on site will show you what you need to know. This is a good way to test the waters and determine if ecological restoration work is right for you.

A group of people working in an urban wild area, with gathered vegetation on a tarp

2. Restoration Volunteer

Registered Pulling Together Volunteers are eligible for some additional benefits such as periodic training seminars. Becoming a registered volunteer requires a minimum one-year commitment. If you wish to register, contact Saanich Parks:
Phone: 250-475-5522 or email: parks@saanich.ca
Ask for the Park Stewardship Coordinator
A closeup of people working in a wetland area, with cut branches on a tarp.

3. Lead Steward

Lead stewards work with Saanich Parks staff to plan, guide, and monitor the restoration activities in their particular park. They lead the volunteer team at their park, direct and supervise at work parties, and welcome and new volunteers. Becoming a lead steward also requires a minimum one-year commitment.

A group of people with a wetland in the background, planting trees

Work Party Notification

Event Calendar

Email Notification

If you would like to receive email notifications for our ecological restoration work parties, please sign up at the link below. These emails contain the date, time and location of the work party. They also describe the work to be done. They do not involve any commitment to attend an event or work party. We will not share your email with any third parties.

The Rithet's Bog Conservation Society Activities and Membership

The Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society is a group of volunteers committed to maintaining the health of Rithet’s Bog and educating the public about the benefits of the bog. We are a registered non-profit charitable society. We welcome new members who are interested in participating in the activities listed here. For a more detailed description of our activities, please see the About Us section.


We work in cooperation with Saanich Parks and the Pulling Together Volunteer Program to develop restoration and management guidelines for the Rithet’s Bog Conservation Area. The goal of our restoration work is to develop functioning and self sustaining ecosystems that require minimal maintenance.

A group of people working in a wetland area, clearing vegetation


Our educational activities involve informing the public about Rithet’s Bog, its ecology and biological diversity, its status as a nature sanctuary and the importance of its wetlands.


Our new website is designed to cover a wider range of topics and provide improved educational content. It is meant to be a living document with continually evolving material.


We have a Rithet’s Bog Biodiversity Project hosted on the iNaturalist website. It is meant to engage the public by giving them an opportunity to submit their sightings and also provide us with data to evaluate changes to Rithet’s Bog’s flora and fauna over time.

Display Booth

We have a display booth for community events to educate the public about Rithet’s Bog and our society. The display includes a small demonstration bog with live Sphagnum moss and other bog species.
A tent in a covered area, protecting a table with posters, billboards, and brochures.


Our information kiosk is located at the park entrance near the corner of Chatterton Way and Dalewood Lane. It is another of our educational resources for reaching park users.
A covered bulletin board in a public park


We are developing a library of brochures and checklists about Rithet’s Bog that covers a variety of topics.

Society Membership

If you wish to join the Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society and participate in our activities, please sign up here. The annual membership fee is $19.00.

The Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society is a federated club of BC Nature (the Federation of British Columbia Naturalists). By joining our society, you also become a member of BC Nature. We must share your contact information with BC Nature but will not share your information with any other third party.