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This page covers the woody stemmed seed bearing plants.  This is a growth form, not a taxonomic or a phylogenetic grouping.  Some of the families covered in this page will also be reported in other pages, especially the Forbs page.

The list is based on Karen Golinksi’s Environmental Overview report from 1995.  We will be updating the list as resources becomes available.

Taxonomy is based on the e-Flora website and Pojar and MacKinnon 2004.

Species List

Status codes:          N – Native species.          A – Alien, non-native species.

ACommon NameScientific NameStatusButton
          Pine Family          Pinaceae
Douglas FirPseudotsuga menziesiiN
Shore PinePinus contorta var. contortaN
          Cypress Family          Cupressaceae
Western RedcedarThuja plicataN
          Barberry Family          Berberidaceae
Tall Oregon GrapeMahonia aquifoliumN
Dull Oregon GrapeMahonia nervosaN
          Pea Family          Fabaceae
Scotch BroomCytisus scopariusA
GorseUlex europaeusA
          Beech Family          Fagaceae
Garry OakQuercus garryanaN
          Birch Family          Betulaceae
Red AlderAlnus rubraN
Dwarf BirchBetula glandulosaN
Downy BirchBetula pubescensA
          Rose Family          Rosaceae
Black HawthornCrataegus douglasiiN
OceansprayHotodiscus discolorN
Pacific Crab AppleMalus fuscaN
Indian PlumOemleria cerasiformisN
Baldhip RoseRosa gymnocarpaN
Nootka RoseRosa nutkanaN
Clustered RoseRosa pisocarpaN
Trailing BlackberryRubus ursinusN
HardhackSpiraea douglasiiN
Common HawthornCrataegus monogynaA
Himalayan BlackberryRubus discolorA
Cutleaf BlackberryRubus laciniatusA
European Mountain AshSorbus aucupariaA
          Buckthorn Family          Rhamnaceae
CascaraRhamnus purshianaN
          Willow Family          Salicaceae
Trembling AspenPopulus tremuloidesN
Black CottonwoodPopulus trichocarpaN
Hookers WillowSalix hookerianaN
Pacific WillowSalix lasiandraN
Sitka WillowSalix sitchensisN
          Horse Chestnut Family          Sapindaceae
Bigleaf MapleAcer macrophyllumN
          Dogwood Family          Cornaceae
Red Osier DogwoodComus stoloniferaN
          Crowberry Family          Ericaceae
ArbutusArbutus menziesiiN
SalalGaultheria shallonN
Labrador TeaLedum groenlandicumN
Bog CranberryOxycoccuys oxycoccusN
          Olive Family          Oleaceae
PrivetLigustrum vulgareA
Ginseng FamilyAraliaceae
English IvyHedera helixA
Holly FamilyAquifoliaceae
English HollyIlex aquifoliumA
          Valerian Family          Caprifoliaceae
TwinberryLonicera involucrataN
SnowberrySymphoricarpos albusN
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Golinski, Karen.  1995.  An Environmental Overview of Rithet’s Bog.  Report prepared for the Corporation of the District of Saanich.  Victoria, BC.  70 pp.

This report includes results of plant surveys done at Rithet’s Bog during 1995 May to September, plus comparisons with previous surveys done by other authors.

Pojar, Jim and Andy MacKinnon.  2004.  Plants of Coastal British Columbia including Washington, Oregon and Alaska: Revised.  Lone Pine Publishing.  Vancouver, BC.  pp528.

A field guide that covers 794 species of plants commonly found in coastal British Columbia.  It includes photographs, illustrations and range maps plus notes on ecology and ethnobotany.

Klinkenberg, Brian (Editor).  2020.  E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia.  Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia.  Vancouver, BC.

A website that covers the  plants of British Columbia.  It includes photo galleries and distribution maps with locations of sightings.  It also provides considerable botanical background information.