This section contains our Species Checklists for various groups of organisms observed at Rithet’s Bog.

These documents are PDF files that may be downloaded and printed as tri-fold brochures. 

  • Print double sided, flipped on the short edge. 
  • There is a fold guide on the second page between the left and center panels.


Birds:                                                    The Birds of Ritet’s Bog

Updated:  2022 DEC 10

Lepidoptera:                            Butterflies, Moths                          and Caterpillars

Updated:  2022 JUL 20

Odonata:                                Dragonflies and                Damselflies

Updated:  2022 JUL 20


Fungi and Lichens:              Mushrooms, Toadstools, Bracket Fungi, Puffballs, Rusts and Lichens

Updated:  2022 JUL 20


Graminoids:                                  Grasses, Rushes, Sedges and Cattails.

Updated:  2022 JUL 20