Scientific and Technical Reports


This section lists scientific and technical reports relevant to conservation and restoration at Rithet’s Bog.  When ever possible we have have included a PDF file that you may download and read.

Peden, D.G.  1967.  Vegetation and Ecology of Rithet’s Bog, Royal Oak, British Columbia.  Department of Biology, University of Victoria.  Victoria, BC.  57 pp.

A survey of the vegetation and ecology of Rithet’s Bog done by a University of Victoria honours student.  This report documented the conditions at Rithet’s Bog while it was still being actively farmed.

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.  1992.  Sifton Bog Integrated Resource Management Study Summary Report November 1992.  Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.  London, Ontario.  34 pp.

Sifton Bog is a wetland in London, Ontario that is similar to Rithet’s Bog.  It is about the same size and is also surrounded by developed land.  This report illustrates the level of effort that was put into development of a management strategy to manage and maintain the wetland.

Carson, Michael J.  1994.  Birding Observations Around Rithet’s Bog, Saanich, British Columbia.  Victoria Natural History Society.  Victoria, British Columbia.  36 pp.

A summary of birding observations at Rithet’s Bog during 1993 and 1994, with comparisons to similar observations at Blenkinsop Lake and earlier observations at Rithet’s Bog in the early 1960’s.

Golinski, Karen.  1995.  An Environmental Overview of Rithet’s Bog.  Report prepared for the Corporation of the District of Saanich.  Victoria, BC.  70 pp.

This report provides an overview of Rithet’s Bog at the time it was becoming a park and nature sanctuary.  It discusses historical land use plus physical and biological environmental factors.  The report was meant to provide background information to support further conservation and restoration efforts at the park.

Golinski, Karen.  1997.  Rithet’s Bog Conservation Strategy.  Report prepared for the Corporation of the District of Saanich, Victoria, BC.  56 pp.

This report presented a strategy to guide restoration and management activities at Rithet’s Bog.  The strategy was developed around the goal of maintaining or increasing populations of bog dependent species, but it also addressed the upland communities within the park.

Smith, J.,  O. Graham,  E. Watermar,  and  C. Campbell.  2000.  Rithet’s Bog Water Quality and Hydrology Study.  Environmental Technology Program, Camosun College.  Victoria, BC  104 pp.

The results of a Camosun college student project that presents results of an extensive year long data set of hydrological and water chemistry measurements taken at Rithet’s Bog during 1999.  The report included several recommendations that included construction water storage to maintain water levels during late summer dry periods.

Golinski, Karen.  2001.  An Overview Assessment of Hydrology and Water Chemistry at Rithet’s Bog, Saanich, B.C.  Report prepared for the Corporation of the District of Saanich, Victoria, BC.  40 pp.

This report begins with a general discussion of bog hydrology and water chemistry.  It then discusses results of observations at Rithet’s Bog, how Rithet’s Bog compares to other bogs on SE Vancouver Island and how surrounding development has impacted Rithet’s Bog.  It finishes with recommendations for preserving and restoring the bog ecosystem at Rithet’s Bog.