Fungi, Lichens and Slime Molds

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We usually think of the fungi as plants, but they actually have their own biological kingdom (Kingdom Fungi) on an equal footing with Plants (Kingdom Plantae) and Animals (Kingdom Animalia).  Also, from a biological viewpoint the fungi are actually more closely related to Animals than Plants.

Our species list is derived from data published in Karen Golinski’s 1995 Environmental Overview and 1997 Conservation Strategy reports.  Both can be viewed in the Resources section under Reports.  Golinski’s work provides a solid foundation for this list, but was done 25 years ago, so the list would benefit from updating.


Fungi are a diverse group that includes mushrooms, toadstools, puffballs, bracket fungi, chanterelles, morels, truffles, cup fungi, rusts, molds and yeasts.  They include many important decomposers that break down and recycle nutrients within ecosystems.


The Lichens are a symbiotic composite of a fungus with a unicellular, photosynthetic algae.  Most of a lichens body is comprised of fungal tissue, with a layer of algal cells embedded in the fungal tissue.  The photosynthetic algae means lichens do not need an external food source, although they do need some inorganic nutrients.

A closeup of a cluster of mushrooms

Species List

ACommon NameScientific NameButton
          No Common Name          Family Cronartiaceae
Western Gall RustEndocronartium harknessii
          No Common Name          Family Entolomataceae
No Common NameEntoloma sp.
          No Common Name          Family Russulaceae
Orange Milk-CapLactarius luculentus
No Common NameRussula sp.
          No Common Name          Family Xylariaceae
Candlesnuff FungusXylaria hypoxylon
          No Common Name          Family Uncertain
Purplepore BracketTrichaptum abietinum
          No Common Name          Family Parmeliaceae
Valley OakmossEvernia prunastri
Wish BoneHypogymnia inactiva
Monk'S HoodHypogymnia physodes
Abraded CamouflageMelanelixia subaurifera
Granulating CrottleParmelia hygrophila
Pebbled CrottleParmelia saxatilis
RagbagPlatismatia glauca
Tattered RagPlatismatia herrei
Nit BeardUsnea subfloridana
Questionable RockfrogXanthoparmelia cumberlandia
          Pixie Lichens          Family Cladoniaceae
Floral PixieCladonia bellidiflora
Lipstick PixieCladonia macilenta
          Pelt Lichens          Family Peltigeraceae
Diamond PeltPeltigera membranacea
Unknown PertPertusaria sp.
          Rosette Lichens          Family Physciaceae
Unknown RosettePhyscia sp.
          Wall Lichens          Family Teloschistaceae
Orange Wall LichenXanthoria ramulosa



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