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Ecosystems and Biodiversity


Our Nature section has been expanded to cover a much wider variety of species.  It now includes Fungi and Plants, which were not covered previously, but are important components of the ecosystems and biodiversity at Rithet’s Bog.

One of the side effects of attempting this level of expansion with limited resources is that some of the groups have been treated superficially.  Several of the lists have been transcribed from Karen Golinski’s 1995 Environmental Overview and 1997 Conservation Strategy reports listed in the Resources/Reports section.  We recognize that some of these data are 25 years old and need updating to reflect current conditions and nomenclature.  Additionally, all of the lists will require regular maintenance to reflect changes in nomenclature and impacts of climate change.  The Nature section is and always will be a work in progress.

We would welcome any new members who would like to contribute to this section of the website, or any other section.  We also encourage park users to submit your observations and sightings to the website.  Your observations will automatically be incorporated into our Rithet’s Bog Biodiversity Project hosted on iNaturalist and provide data to help us keep our species lists current.

We use species names conforming with those used by the website and the University of British Columbia’s E-Flora BC and E-Fauna BC websites.

Close up of a black bird with red wings perched on a branch
Close up of mushrooms growing though moss and fallen leaves
Closeup of a vividly colored wild rose or clustered rose
A small green frog