Grasses, Rushes, Sedges and Cattails

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The Graminoids are flowering plants with herbaceous stems and long, thin grass-like leaves.  There are four families:  the grasses, rushes, sedges and cattails

Grasses – Family Poaceae.

The grasses

Rushes – Family Juncaceae.

The rushes

Sedges – Family Cyperaceae.

The sedges

Cattails – Family Typhaceae.

The cattails

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Species List

ACommon NameScientific NameButton
          GRASSES          Family POACEAE
Colonial BentgrassAgrostis capillaris
Water FoxtailAlopecurus geniculatus
Sweet VernalgrassAnthoxanthum odoratum
Hedgehog DogtailCynosurus echinatus
Large Barnyard GrassEchinochloa crus-galli
Common Velvet GrassHolcus lanatus
Perennial RyegrassLolium perenne
Reed Canary GrassPhalaris arundinacea
Yellow FoxtailSetaria lutescens
          RUSHES          Family JUNCACEAE
Jointed RushJuncus articulatus
Bolander'S RushJuncus bolanderi
Toad RushJuncus bufonius
Common RushJuncus effusus
Slender RushJuncus tenuis
          SEDGES          Family CYPERACEAE
Northern Clustered SedgeCarex arcta
Slender-Beaked SedgeCarex athrostachya
Cusick'S SedgeCarex cusickii
Dewey's SedgeCarex deweyana
Kellogg`s SedgeCarex kelloggii
Slough SedgeCarex obnupta
Green SedgeCarex viridula
Creeping Spike RushEleocharis palustris
Saltmarsh BulrushScirpus maritimus
Soft Stemmed BulrushScirpus validus
          CATTAILS          Family TYPHACEAE
Broadleaf CattailTypha latifolia
Hybrid CattailTypha x glauca
Narrowleaf CattailTypha angustifolia



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