Forbs (Wildflowers)

Herbaceous Stemmed Plants With Wide Leaves

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The Forbs are flowering plants with herbaceous stems and generally wide, rounded leaves, as opposed to the Graminoids that have long, thin grass-like leaves.  Forbs usually have more conspicuous flowers than Graminoids.  This is the group that contains our native wildflowers.

Species List

Status codes:          N – Native species.          A – Alien, non-native species.

ACommon NameScientific NameStatusButton
          MONOCOT ANGIOSPERMS                    MONOCOTYLEDONS          
          Arum Family                    Araceae          
DuckweedLemna minor     N
Skunk CabbageLysichiton americanus     N
          Water Plantain Family                    Alismataceae          
European Water PlantainAlisma plantago-aquatica     A
          Orchid Family                    Orchidaceae          
HelleborineEpipactis helleborine     A
          Amaryllis Family                    Amaryllidaceae          
Hooker's OnionAllium acuminatum     N
          Asparagus Family                    Asparagaceae          
Harvest BrodiaeaBrodiaea coronaria     N
Fool's OnionBrodiaea hyacinthina     N
Common CamasCamassia quamash     N
          EUDICOT ANGIOSPERMS                    EUDICOTYLEDONS          
          Poppy Family                    Papaveraceae          
California PoppyEschscholzia californica     A
          Buttercup Family                    Ranunculaceae          
Creeping ButtercupRanunculus repens     A
          Saxifrage Family                    Saxifragaceae          
FringecupTellima grandiflora     N
          Pea Family                    Fabaceae          
Birds Foot TrefoilLotus corniculatus     A
Tree LupinLupinus arboreus     A
Black MedicMedicago lupulina     A
Low Hop CloverTrifolium campestre     A
Small Hop CloverTrifolium dubium     A
Alsike CloverTrifolium hybridum     A
Red CloverTrifolium pratense     A
White CloverTrifolium repens     A
Tiny VetchVicia hirsuta     A
Common VetchVicia sativa     A
Hairy VetchVicia villosa     A
          Rose Family                    Rosaceae          
Large Leaved AvensGeum macrophyllum     N
Common SilverweedPotentilla anserina ssp. pacifica     N
          Nettle Family                    Urticaceae          
Stinging NettleUrtica dioica     N
          St. John'S Wort Family                    Hypericaceae          
Bog St. John's WortHypericum anagalloides     N
Shrubby St. John's WortHypericum androsaemum     A
Aaron's BeardHypericum calycinum     A
          Mustard Family                    Brassicaceae          
Marsh Yellow CressRorippa palustris     N
Field MustardBrassica campestris     A
Wormseed MustardErysimum cheiranthoides     A
Field Pepper GrassLepidium campestre     A
WatercressNasturtium officinale     A
          Geranium Family                    Geraniaceae          
Bicknell's GeraniumGeranium bicknellii     N
Common Stork's BillErodium cicutarium     A
Meadow CranesbillGeranium pratense      A
          Evening Primrose Family                    Onagraceae          
FireweedChamaenerion angustifolium     N
Purple Leaved WillowherbEpilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatum     N
Watson's WillowherbEpilobium ciliatum ssp. watsonii     N
Hairy WilllowherbEpilobium hirsutum     A
          Buckwheat Family                    Polygonaceae          
Water SmartweedPolygonum amphibium     N
Common KnotweedPolygonum aviculare     A
Common SmartweedPolygonum persicaria     A
Sheep SorrelRumex acetosella     A
Clustered DockRumex conglomeratus     A
Curled DockRumex crispus     A
Bitter DockRumex obtusifolius     A
          Purslane Family                    Montiaceae          
Siberian Miner's LettuceClaytonia sibirica     N
          Primrose Family                    Primulaceae          
Northern Star FlowerTrientalis latifolia ?     N
          Crowberry Family                    Ericaceae          
Pink WintergreenPyrola asarifolia     N
          Bedstraw Family                    Rubiaceae          
CleaversGalium aparine     N
Small BedstrawGalium trffidum     N
Sweet Scented BedstrawGalium triflorum     N
          Gentian Family                    Gentianaceae          
Common CentaurCentaurium erythraea     A
          Borage Family                    Boraginaceae          
Small Flowered Forget Me NotMyosotis laxa     N
ComfreySymphytum officinale     A
          Dodder Family                    Convolvulaceae          
Hedge BindweedCalystegia sepium     A
Field BindweedConvolvulus arvensis     A
Potato FamilySolanaceae
European BittersweetSolanum dulcamara     A
          Mare's Tail Family                    Plantaginaceae          
American BrooklimeVeronica beccabunga     N
Marsh SpeedwellVeronica scutellata     N
Pond Water StarwortCallitriche stagnalis     A
English Plantain / RibwortPlantago lanceolata     A
Common PlantainPlantago major     A
          Figwort Family                    Scrophulariaceae          
Yellow Monkey FlowerErythranthe guttata     N
          Mint Family                    Lamiaceae          
Northern Water HorehoundLycopus uniflorus     N
Self HealPrunella vulgaris     N
Cooley’s Hedge NettleStachys chamissonis     N
Field MintMentha arvensis     A
          Parsley Family                    Apiaceae          
American Wild CarrotDaucus pusillus     N
Pacific Water ParsleyOenanthe sarmentosa     N
Mountain Sweet CicelyOsmorhiza berteroi     N
Pacific SanicleSanicula crassicaulis     N
Poison HemlockConium maculatum     A
Queen Anne's LaceDaucus carota     A
Giant HogweedHeracleum mantegazzianum     A
          Aster Family                    Asteraceae          
Vancouver Island BeggarticksBidens amplissima     N
Nodding BeggarticksBidens cemua     N
HorseweedConyza canadensis     N
Stinking ChamomileAnthemis cotula     A
English DaisyBellis perennis     A
Canada ThistleCirsium arvense     A
Bull ThistleCirsium vulgare     A
Marsh CudweedGnaphalium uliginosum     A
Hairy Cat's EarHypochaeris radicata     A
Prickly LettuceLactuca serriola     A
Autumn HawkbitLeontodon autumnalis     A
Oxeye DaisyLeucanthemum vulgare      A
Chilean TarweedMadia sativa     A
Pineapple WeedMatricaria discoidea     A
Wall LettuceMycelis muralis     A
Prickly Sow ThistleSonchus asper     A
Common DandelionTaraxacum officinale     A
Scentless MayweedTripleurospermum inodorum     A
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