Rithet's Bog Conservation Society

Rithet's Bog Biodiversity Project


Ther iNatutralist website is a citizen science project that allows people to submit observations of animals, fungi and plants, then displays those observations on a map.

We have setup a biodiversity project for Rithet’s Bog to help us inventory the organisms in the park and keep our species lists up to date.  Any observations you submit to iNaturtalist from within the boundaries of our project will automatically be included in the project.  Your participation will help us maintain an accurate and up to date inventory of the organisms inhabiting Rithet’s Bog.

Rithet’s Bog Biodiversity Project

on iNaturalist.ca

Project Area

Closeup of a butterfly

This project covers both the Rithet’s Bog Conservation Area and Shadywood Natural Area Park.  Although they are two separate parks, they do form a single geographic entity.  There is no obvious separation between the two parks to either park visitors or the organisms inhabiting the parks.  For the purpose of biological inventory, it makes sense to treat the two parks as a single ecological unit.

How to Participate

A black bird with a red patch on its wing sitting on a branch
A cluster of mushrooms
A clustered rose, a wild flower

iNaturalist Cellphone App

The easiest way to participate is to download the iNaturalist app to your phone.  The app will submit your photos and automatically include the necessary times, dates and location information.  It will also suggest identifications.

iNaturalist Website

You can also submit observations through the iNaturalist website, https://inaturalist.ca.  When you upload a photo the site will automatically include the time and date from the photo and  will suggest an identification, but you must enter the location manually using their map interface.

Become a Project Member

If you are interested in the flora and fauna of Rithet’s Bog, you may become a member of our biodiversity project by searching for the project and clicking the Join button.  This will make it easier to access the project and keep up to date with recent observations from the park.


Close up of a large slug on the ground


Cropping photos to get a closeup of the subject organism makes it easier for the iNaturalist software to make accurate identifications.  Other than cropping, photos should not be edited.