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Rithet's Bog LogoRithet's Bog - Trail User Survey

Rithet's Bog Conservation Society, Spring/Summer 2008 - Michael Carson

From mid-April to the end of July 2008, RBCS conducted a survey of the different types of user on the peripheral trail around Rithet's Bog. Each survey took about half an hour. In all, 58 different surveys were undertaken, at different times of day and all days of the week. The results are noted below:

  • Walkers 63%
  • Joggers and runners 14%
  • Dog owners* 12%
  • Children 6%
  • Birders and photographers 3%
  • Others 2%

*Of those walking dogs, 25% had dogs off-leash, despite signs indicating that they must be on leash.

No statistical analysis has been done on the data, but the survey program was continued until the percentage figures became stabilized. The total numbers of trail users per survey varied from day to day but showed a systematic decline from spring to the hot days of summer (please see chart below). Another survey will be done during autumn and winter 2008/2009.

Bog Usage Graph


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