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Rithet's Bog LogoHabitat Fund Helps Save Wetlands

Times Colonist (Letter to the editor) – May 17, 2003

The Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society was delighted with Jack Knox’s May 5 article about the restoration project at the bog (“Something to chirp about”). It was informative, entertaining and helped to raise awareness of the critical role played by wetlands in protecting biodiversity and maintaining watershed health.

We would, however, like to add an acknowledgement of the major role played by the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. It was an HCTF enhancement grant to Ducks Unlimited which provided the seed money to initiate the restoration work at the bog. The fact that that Trust Fund is in part created from licence surcharges contributed by hunters, anglers, trappers and guide-outfitters makes their support for an urban wetland project even more impressive.

BC Hydro also played a significant role, donating equipment and staff time when power lines had to be temporarily disabled during the installation of the weir.

We thank both of these organizations, the municipality of Saanich, and all others who contributed to the success of this project. It was a collaborative effort of which we should all be proud.

Sharon Hartwell, President, Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society

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