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Saanich News, Undated

I read an article in the paper about Rithet’s Bog, which mentioned the reason for reduction of ground birds and small animals in the bog was cats roaming the bog.

I would like to inform you I have lived on the perimeter of the bog for nine years. I very rarely see a cat roaming the bog.

However, I do see people and their dogs (not on leashes) roaming the bog many times a day.

Saanich cut a walking path through the bog on the low ground, which was edged with bushes. The people and their dogs didn’t bother the wild life too much because they were inside a bush corridor and the ground birds and the small animals used the high ground for nesting and breeding.

Two years ago Saanich moved the path to the high ground and there are no bushes edging the path.

The dogs and their owners now roam the bog all over the high and low ground, leaving the ground birds and small animals without a safe place to nest or breed or even relax without dogs and people present.

The solution?

Remove the path from the breeding areas of the bog, move the path back to the low ground with the bushes edging the path, or edge the existing path with bushes to corral the roaming dogs and their owners.

I would also suggest enforcing the leash law in the bog.

George Aylesworth, Saanich

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