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Rithet's Bog LogoRithet’s Bog Funds Needed

Council Briefs – Wednesday, May 26, 1999

“Anyone that comes with money gets first on the agenda,” Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard said last week before introducing Trevor Calkins, president of the Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society to council.

Calkins says the society is trying to drum up contributions from businesses in the Chatterton Way area to help Saanich pay for an interpretative sign and kiosk for the bog.

“Because money is always short, we realized you might need some help,” said Calkins as he passed a cheque for $1,625 to Leonard.

The goal, said Calkins, is to raise enough cash for the sign to allow construction and installation in the early fall.

Parks manager Dave DeShane says the sign and kiosk are expected to cost around $7,500 and construction will start sometime this summer.

The sign will feature a map of the bog outlining some of the unique and diverse species which call the bog home.

The society contribution is more than welcome, says DeShane.

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