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Rithet's Bog LogoRithet's Bog Conservation Society Report

Club Chat (The Magazine of BC Nature), Summer 2007

The society has spent the last three months working with Victoria's Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) on HAT's Good Neighbour Outreach project. Aimed at residents living within the bog watershed, the project is designed to educate home owners as to how they can minimize any negative impact they might be having on the bog, and enhance the naturescaping of their properties.

Local homeowners are sent introductory letters, with an invitation to contact HAT for follow up visits. A team is sent to each receptive homeowner, who is given an information kit that includes advice on reducing one's negative ecological impact (using organic gardening methods, eliminating use of herbicides and pesticides, not dumping toxic substances down the drain, etc.) and tips on how to create wildlife friendly properties (use of native plants, keeping cats indoors, plans for bird boxes, etc.) Swallow nest boxes and native plants are made available to those parties who sign Good Neighbour Stewardship Agreements.

HAT has organized volunteer work parties (primarily the Fifth T'sartlp Club Scouts) to clear ivy, cut broom, build swallow nest boxes and paint fish stencils next to storm drains. Homeowners have also been encouraged to take part in the monthly volunteer sessions. We are extremely grateful for HAT's initiative in undertaking this project, and look forward to the long-term benefits and increased community support and involvement their work will generate.

Submitted by Sharon Hartwell

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