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Rithet's Bog LogoHAT Investigates Rithet’s Bog Water Quality

BARA Bugle (Broadmead Area Residents Association Newsletter),
Spring 2007

The Rithet’s Bog Conservation Society (RBCS) is partnering with Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) and Saanich Parks to help neighbours care for the Bog and its sensitive habitats. From controlling weeds to planting native species with private landowners, the Rithet's Bog Good Neighbours Project helps residents care for our unique habitats. Several local high school students have gained Streamkeepers training through the project from Susan Lowe. Researchers are also collecting water samples in the bog for signs of possible negative impacts to Gabo and Colquitz Creeks.

Neighbours play a key role in maintaining water quality for salmon and nesting habitat for native birds like the Virginia Rail. Protecting water quality for wildlife involves some simple choices for landowners. Keeping toxic substances out of drains, fixing car oil leaks, reducing fertilizer runoff from lawns, and disposing of pet waste in trash cans are important choices to make. Native birds can thrive if walkers keep pets under control from May to September. Volunteers can help out with swallow nest boxes, painting yellow fish on drains, and assisting rare butterfly surveys.

HAT suspects that many of the catch basins in storm drains emptying into Gabo Creek are full of sediments and therefore unable to protect water quality. Students from Camosun College will investigate the many catch basins in the Gabo Creek watershed and report on their findings to our community. HAT then hopes to organize catch basin cleanout days so that responsible land-owners can save money and help salmon at the same time.

If you see us at the Bog this spring and summer, say "I'm a Bog Buddy!" and get your free land care booklet. Better yet, join your neighbourhood friends and become a part of the solution.

Call HAT 250-995 2428 or see www.hat.bc.ca or
RBCS 250-479 0491 www.rithetsbog.org/ to volunteer.

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