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Rithet's Bog Cat Videos

These are videos of domestic cats (Felis catus) eating song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) nestlings at Rithet's Bog(Victoria, BC). They were recorded as part of ongoing research on the ecology of birds and mammals being conducted in Rithet's Bog by Professor Liana Zanette (University of Western Ontario) and Professor Mike Clinchy (University of Victoria). Cats have been responsible for 22% (6/27) of the nest predation events recorded to date. As the videos show, both likely feral (ownerless) cats and house cats (cats with collars) are involved.

For further information on Professors Zanette and Clinchy's research please see www.lianazanette.com.

These videos are copyright Professor Liana Zanette. If you wish to copy and distribute them, please contact Prof. Zanette prior to doing so.


Feral Black Cat at Night




Collared Cat During the Day

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